The Birth House La Roseraie

“Living the birth of a child is our most accessible opportunity to grasp the meaning of the word miracle”

Paul Carvel


Moment of eternity, the birth of a small human being is part of the immutable circle of life, constantly restarted since the dawn of time… Pregnancy and childbirth are natural processes and exceptional experiences belonging primarily to women and families, an intimate event and an essential act of love.

Birth Houses offer future parents the chance to fully live the birth of their child, confident in the woman’s innate ability to give life, when the necessary conditions are met.

The support offered by the midwives helps preserve the fine physiological balance, which is the natural state of pregnancy, of the delivery and its aftermath. It also allows the detection of any abnormal situations that may then require more medicalized support.

The Birth House La Roseraie opened its doors on January 9th, 2012. This beautiful house located in a wide garden is fully dedicated to natural birth. It is particularly aimed at women wanting to give birth in a physiological way, rather than a medicalized one.